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Lisbon19’ers got the chance to network with like minded people from all over the world…


3rd Annual Neurolanguage Learning Conference Programme

Accredited by the International Coach Fedeation

Wednesday 15th May 2019

Programme for the 2019 Neurolanguage Learning Conference

Registration & Oporto Network Reception with Finger Buffet

On the first evening you can register for the conference and have the opportunity to network with fellow conference attendees.

Our Oporto (Portuguese traditional wine) reception with a fabulous finger buffet will kick off the the 2 day conference in style.

We hope that you will take time to get to know one another, meet our fantastic speakers and receive the program and pack for the next 2 days.

Thursday 16th May 2019

09.00 – Welcome and Introduction

09.15 – Probing the interfaces between English language teaching and international leadership coaching | BOB DIGNEN

10.00 – Neurolanguage Coaching: combatting modern technology with the brain | RACHEL PALING

11.00 – Break

11.15 – How to help learning “stick” by optimising our brain reward system | TIBISAY VERA

12.00 – Can you supercharge your brain with technology? | THOMAS FEINER

12.45 – Lunch

13.45 – The role of stress and emotions in learning and performance | BARBARA SANTOS

14.30 – How coaching changes lives | JOSE DE SOUSA

15.15 – Break

15.30 – 10 golden rules to learn any language | LUCA LAMPARIELLO

16.15 – Charisma and Leadership | SHARYN COLLINS

17.00 – Q&A Panel

17.45 – End of 1st day

19.45 – EVENING DINNER for all participants

Friday 17th May 2019

09.00 – Welcome and Introduction to Day 2

09.05 – Reaching Your Goals as a Learning Human | THOMAS FEINER

10.00 – How to learn the phonetics of every language | LUCA LAMPARIELLO

10.45 – Break

11.00 – Helping language learner to change their behaviour and not to be too authentic | IAN MCMASTER

11.45 – A multilayered and positive role for coaching in ELT | BOB DIGNEN

12.30 – Lunch

13.30 – Brain Rules! | GEORGE KOKOLAS

14.15 – Coherence, Intuition and Imagination in Business and Education | IRENE VIGLIA ATTON

15.00 – Move to Learn! | RACHEL BAMBER

15.50 – Educator Awareness – the way forward | RACHEL PALING

16.10 – Q&A Panel

16.30 – End of Conference

17.00-21.00 – Panoramic tour around Lisbon with a networking cocktail at Fado Museum with live Fado

Friday Evening 17th May 2019

Panoramic Tour around Lisbon with a Networking Cocktail at the Fado Museum – with LIVE Fado!

Tour in a panoramic bus around Lisbon’s most beautiful places:

Ending at the Fado Museum where will have a networking cocktail with live Fado (typical Portuguese music).

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